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These prices are effective May 1, 2016, but subject to change without notice.

The goods and services listed in the following pages are those we can provide for you.  You may choose only those items you desire.  Any arrangement you select will include a charge for our basic services.  If legal or other requirements mean you must buy an item you did not specifically ask for we will explain the reason verbally as well as in writing on the statement we provide describing the funeral goods & services selected.

Professional Service Fee:                                                                                

  • 24 hour on-call transportation staff
  • Consultation arrangement with the family
  • Preparing and filing of the death certificate*
  • Coordination with the cemetery and/or third party
  • Preparation of the death notice
  • Proportionate/reasonable share of basic overhead


Preparation of the Body: 

Embalming is not required by law, except in certain cases.  Embalming may be necessary, however, if you select certain arrangements, such as viewing/visitation.  If you do not choose viewing or a service where one is in direct contact with the deceased, refrigeration will be the alternative.


Refrigeration: (in lieu of embalming/after a 24 hour period; per day)    

Other Preparation of the body:

Bathing and/or Handling   

Dressing, Casketing, Cosmetology    

Family Closure Viewing* (NO SERVICES-Min. preparation of the deceased w/1 hr max. viewing)   


Special care for autopsy cases  

Restoration (as needed, per hour)    

Cremation Fee: (The crematory is located on the funeral home premises) 

$ 450.00

$   50.00

$ 125.00

$ 225.00

$ 250.00

$   75.00

$ 150.00      

$ 150.00     

$ 395.00        


Transfer of the deceased from place of death**        



Package Hearse/Limo             

Service vehicle (fuel surcharge & delivery of items to cemetery, church, home, etc.)         

Transfer to/from COS airport (van) 

Transfer to/from DEN airport (van) 

Transfer of deceased from mortuary to place of autopsy and return to mortuary                

Transfer of deceased to anatomical board

** includes a 30 mile radius, a cost of $2.75 per mile will be added otherwise

$ 375.00

$ 350.00

$ 350.00

$ 650.00

$ 150.00

$ 275.00

$ 450.00

$ 325.00

$ 450.00

Use of Facilities and/or Staff:

Use of Facility/Staff/Funeral Director for viewing/visitation (2-3 hours)    Viewing is open to the family and friends of the deceased; supervision, arrangement of flowers and pictures/memorabilia, etc.

Use of Facility/Staff/Funeral Director for Memorial Service
Our Chapel or the Church of your choice; supervision, arrangement of flowers and pictures/memorabilia, etc.

Use of Facility/Staff/Funeral Director for Funeral Service                            Our Chapel or the Church of your choice; supervision,  arrangement of flowers and pictures/memorabilia, etc.

Use of Facility/Staff/Funeral Director for Reception/Gathering                No body/casket present, in our facility for 2 hours; coffee/tea and cookies will be provided at no additional charge.

Use of Staff/Funeral Director for Graveside Service                                      Supervision of the Funeral Director until the casket is interred, arrangement of flowers and assistance with service.

Use of Facility/Staff/Funeral Director for Holiday, Evening or Weekend Service
(this is an additional charge)                                                                                             

$ 350.00

$ 500.00

$ 550.00

$ 350.00

$ 450.00

$ 350.00


Cremation Caskets:                                                                  


A complete price list of caskets and urns is available at the funeral home. 

$ 1095.00 and up

$  750.00 and up

$    30.00 and up

Other or Cash Advance items that you may need:

Certified copies of the Death Certificate:                                                                                              

 The State charges $20 for the 1st one and $13 for each thereafter - 1 @ ___ /______ additional

Clergy Honorarium                                                                                           (varies, usually $200 - $300)

Musicians                                                                                                           (varies, usually $100 - $200)

Flowers                                                                                              (varies, usually starting at $45 and up)

Obituary*                                                             $250 and up, depending on size (a death notice is free)

Memory Book  (also known as a Guest Register book)                                                   $   30.00 and up

Memory Package (a book, memorial cards of 100 ea. and an enlarged Memorial Photo)       $ 300.00

These items are listed in a separate media outline and programmed by Butterfly Reflections

Each item is personalized extensively in full color

Memory/Keepsake Cards                          

Acknowledgement Cards                                                                             

Laminated Obituary / Bookmark                                                              

DVD Tribute (includes setup fee and editing of each photo)                                                           

DVD Copies    

Photo Prints: 5 x 7; 8 x 10; 12 x 18                                                                                                            

Estate Filing Fee  (there will be a 10% of statement fee due to outside contract service) 


Mailing of Cremated Remains

Scattering or Holding of Cremated Remains 

Storage of body – per day (requested over the standard timing)  

Fees for Coroner

Balloons (each)  

* We make NO guarantee for ANY newspaper

$ 200.00

$   85.00 and up

$ 150.00 and up

 $   75.00

$   25.00

$ 100.00

$     2.00

(The services listed below are MINIMUM services, and do include a fuel surcharge)

Direct Cremation 

This service includes minimum services of the funeral director, transportation from place of death, and the cremation itself. 

Direct Cremation with our minimum cardboard container

Direct Cremation with container provided by purchaser (approved by crematory)

$  995.00

$  945.00

$  995.00

Immediate Burial

This service includes minimum services of the funeral director, transportation from place of death, bathing/handling/dressing/casketing, refrigeration and transportation to the cemetery (local).                                             

Immediate Burial with our minimum metal casket 

Immediate Burial with casket provided by purchaser                                                                 




Forwarding Remains to another Funeral Home

This service includes minimum services of the funeral director,

transportation from place of death, embalming, shipping container and transportation to the airport (local). 

Forwarding Casketed Remains with our minimum metal casket

(includes other prep) 

Forwarding Remains in casket of choice by purchaser  (with other prep)                                  




The following groups of services have been formulated to assist you in making choices that most suit your needs.  They are examples only of the most popular services chosen.  Additions or deletions may apply which would either add to or lower the cost of the particular service you desire. 

Traditional Casket Burial Service 

Includes:  Services of the funeral director and staff, transportation from place of death, embalming and other preparation services, viewing/visitation, funeral service, hearse & Limo and committal service.

(not included: clergy, musicians, flowers, casket, death certificates, hairdressing or cemetery expenses)


Traditional Service with Cremation    

Includes:  Services of the funeral director and staff, transportation from place of death, embalming and other preparation services, viewing/visitation, funeral service and rental casket, cremation fee and temp. urn.

(not included: clergy, musicians, flowers, death certificates, hairdressing, urn or cemetery expenses)

Add appropriate Hearse/Limo fees if service is not in our chapel


Cremation with Memorial Service  

Includes:  Services of the funeral director and staff, transportation from place of death, church/chapel service, cremation fee, cremation container (cardboard) and plastic urn.  

(not included: clergy, musicians, flowers, death certificates or cemetery expenses)



Payment is due in full at the conclusion of the arrangement conference unless prior arrangements have been made.

We do require photo ID on all legal/financial responsible persons assisting in making arrangements, signing documents and picking up death certificates and/or cremated remains; this to include a social security number and date of birth.


We will hold cremated remains for a period of one (1) year.  If the remains are not claimed after the one (1) year we will dispose of them at our discretion.


Certified copies of the Death Certificate are available from the El Paso Health Dept.  We can assist you in determining the number of certified copies needed and place the order with the state for you.  The Death Certificates may picked up and paid for at the El Paso County Health Dept., Div. of Vital Records, located at : 1675 Garden of the Gods Rd., by an authorized family member. (719-575-8495)

NOTE: Certificates may not be available for 5-10 day, usually. If there is Coroner involvement it may take 6-9 months.


An ID viewing is a brief visitation for the purpose of closure in the presence of an unembalmed body by a small number (3-6) of immediate family members for a maximum of one (1) hour. The remains will be bathed and presented in the container chosen by the family. If a longer viewing or more family members, i.e. grandchildren, etc., or dressing is desired, or if an autopsy has been performed, embalming will be required per funeral home policy; the cost of which will be added to the overall statement of goods.


We will file an assignment with an insurance company through a third party company; providing the insurance company verifies all information prior to services and all claims and assignments have been properly endorsed by the beneficiary.  (The beneficiary will have to provide his/her ss#, date of birth, place of birth & the original policy). The cemetery charges may be included provided the funds are available and verified in the policy.


We will file with Medicaid provided a family member or family friend completes the application and provides any/all documents necessary as requested by DHS.  We will need to obtain an “Approval for Services” issued by DHS prior to services.  In the event that you decide not to disclose any Medicaid status and apply for benefits with DHS at a later date we can only give a reimbursement, less any accountant/bank fees, after the payment has been received and verified by our accountant and bank.   It has taken over a year to receive payment, at times.


We will notify your branch of discharge/retirement for honors to be present at the service and request they have all documents prepared for your survivor’s benefits.  You will need to provide a DD214 or the retirement document and your ss#, date of birth and place of birth.

(The military will provide a presentation team for all veterans (honorably discharged) and retirees. However, they will only provide the gun salute or live bugler, if available, for a retiree or active duty person).


We will file with the Veteran’s Administration for payment on a Veteran or Retiree who, at the time of death, was receiving a VA disability or the death occurred at a VA facility.  The VA will only pay a certain amount for services and a plot (if not in a National Cemetery), usually $300-$600 unless the cause of death was due to the disability.  The VA will cover up to $2000 in the later circumstance.  You will need to provide a DD214 or discharge papers and a Disability Award Letter.


We will notify Social Security of the death; however, you will need to file for any benefits.  Social Security will not pay us.  Only a surviving spouse or minor child (or a disabled adult who was disabled as a minor child and dependent on the deceased) is eligible to receive benefits.

Inquiries regarding your funeral agreement may be directed to the Department of Regulatory Agencies

Office of Funeral Home and Crematory Registration
Division of Registrations, Department of Regulatory Agencies
1560 Broadway, Suite 1350
Denver, Colorado 80202
Telephone: 303.894.7800 Fax: 303.894.7790   

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  2. Family information form.
  3. Funeral Service Information Sheet
  4. Cemetery Information Sheet
  5. Free Death Notice Form
  6. Guidelines for Cards, Bookmarks, Photos and Video
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